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2019 Annual Awards

Kilgetty Golf Society visited Trefloyne Golf Club last Wednesday to play our January fixture and hold our Xmas meal, after which the Annual Awards Presentation was made. Fortunately, the weather was kindly to us, and the game was completed without anyone getting wet, which is quite an achievement for the last few months.

I shall deal firstly with the Annual Prizes. John Hamster Hammond won the Champion of Champions with an aggregate over his best six matches of 218 points (a superb average of 36.33). His performances in 2019 were so good that he also won the Most Improved Golfer of the Year Trophy showing that he has taken to golf like a duck to water or perhaps a hamster to niblets!

Two players finished on 214 points, Rob Builder Nixon and Jack Zabaglione Zeraschi causing the statisticians in the Society to scratch their heads to split them, but after much swearing and dandruff Rob the Builder emerged in second place having come 10th last year. Zabaglione came third but was not to be outdone however as he fittingly picked up the 20+ Bandit award. Beware of Valleys Italians!

After winning last year, Mike Slippery Skidmore slid down to 4th place with 203 points but this was a tremendous achievement after his health problems in 2019. Completing the awards in 5th place was Allan Snuff Gawith with 200 points edging out both John Dynamo Richards and Bob Dixie Forrest on 199.

Completing the roll call were Nearest The Pin King, Graham Victor Longster who won by virtue of his NP on the day. Longest Drive Gorilla was Bob Dixie Forrest (although everyone expected the Builder to have won that prize but he doesn’t always hit the fairway. Wooden Spoonist was Kelvin Curtains Boughey, who has cunningly worked out how to win the most sleeves of balls throughout the year!

Well done to the winners. There were 55 entrants during the year, and the full list of points will be posted soon on our website

The day was topped by a sumptuous Xmas meal expertly delivered by the staff at Trefloyne. Also many thanks to all who made the day and indeed the whole of 2019 possible. Let’s hope we enjoy 2020 as much. 

Full Results:

218  Hammond John 1st
  214  Nixon Rob 2nd
214  Zeraschi Jack 3rd
203  Skidmore Mike 4th
200  Gawith Allan 5th
199   Forrest Bob 6th=
199   Richards John 6th=
196  Hughes Peter 8th=
196  Neale Barry 8th=
194  Jones Steve 10th
193  Handcock Roger 11th
188  Longster Graham 12th=
188  Richards Wynne 12th=
173  Green Dave 14th
158  Viner John 15th
135  Bond Graham 16th
133  Sayers Alan 17th
131  Connett Wayne 18th
129  Davies Martin 19th
123  Evans Meurig 20th
117  Gregory Kevin 21st
94  Wood Barry 22nd
87  James John 23rd=
87  Phillips Perry 23rd=
86  Millett Simon 25th
78  Boughey Kelvin 26th=
78  Watson Graham 26th=
76  Jeffrey Alan 28th
73  Ryan Anthony 29th
72  Gregson Ian 30th
67  Hubbard Keith 31st
62  Whiting Ian 32nd
60  Dyer Kevin 33rd
54  Marsden Paul 34th=
54  Wood Simon 34th=
52  Jones Darrell 36th=
52  Prager Mike 36th=
52  Wood Mark 36th=
51  Braithwaite Joel 39th
48  Hayhoe John 40th
40  Hughes John 41st
37  Perrott John 42nd
36  Davies  Neil 43rd=
36  Sweet Simon 43rd=
35  Jones Glyn 45th
32  Davies  Ashley 46th
30  Lewis Trevor 47th
26  Alman Adrian 48th=
26  Jones Derek 48th=
25  Risley Ben 50th
22  Miller Brian 51st=
22  Morris Ed 51st=
21  Voysey John 53rd
19  Cross Steve 54th
15  Abbott Don 55th

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