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Bandito Spikey slays the field.

Despite reports to the contrary (mainly from the Met office) last Wednesday saw Kilgetty Golf Society play at Haverfordwest Golf Club in dry conditions, albeit a little windy. Nineteen stalwarts rolled up and enjoyed a tight match both at the top and bottom of the order.

First off were Graham Victor Longster, Martin FCUK Davies, and Stuart DelBoy Evans. FCUK lived up to his name, while, after his Derllys Court score more was expected from Victor – he was more Shortster than Longster. DelBoy continued to impress after his recent victory in France. Next were Peter Sombrero Hughes, John Homer Perrott, and Barry Chippy Wood. Good scores from the other two but unfortunately a “Doh” from Homer. Third off were Barrie Scales Avery, Shaun Chatterbox Taylor, and Dave Boy Green. Barrie scaled (sic) the heights but the others failed to rise to the occasion. Fourth were Anthony Wiseguy Ryan, Darrell Smoothie Jones, and Wynne Abacus Richards. Smoothie was driving well and Wiseguy had an eye for the greens. Overall a good performance by the team, just failing to win the team prize. Last but not least of the threeballs were Mike Bandito (formally Spikey )Beynon, Steve Gizmo Jones, and Gary Mary-Celeste Hopkins. Bandito produced the performance of the day despite saying he was still learning. He will now have to learn to play with a 3 shots lower handicap!! He was ably supported by Gizmo and Mary-Celeste to deliver a excellent team score. Last was the fourball – Glyn Semi-Colon Jones, Roger Analyst Handcock, Kelvin Curtains Boughey, and Keith Director Leverton. Kelvin was heard on several occasions to shout “It’s curtains!”, erroneously as it turned out as he didn’t win the wooden spoon. In fact none of them won anything – try again lads.

So, after an excellent meal and a few soft drinks, Gizmo made the presentation ably assisted by Homer – well, until he dozed off that is. Semi-Colon and Mary-Celeste were welcomed back into the fold after injury – shoulder and thumb (his wife’s) respectively. The prizes were awarded as follows:

1st                          Bandito Beynon      37 pts – enjoy the Brandy, Mike 

2nd                         DelBoy Evans         35pts – better back 9 

3rd                         Sombrero Hughes   35pts – a rising star when the sun comes out. 

Team                      Bandito Beynon, Mary-Celeste Hopkins, and Gizmo Jones. 

Nearest Pin 8th        Sombrero Hughes 

                  14th      Wiseguy Ryan 

Longest Drive         Smoothie Jones 

20+ Handicap          Scales Avery 

Wooden Spoon        Homer Perrott


There were no twos.


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